How our universe and solar system formed.

The universe that we know today was not always like endless expanding space. It was not always filled up with an endless number of stars and galaxies in all shapes colors and sizes. It was merely a compacted ball in the middle of darkness and nothing.

There was a ball. A ball tightly compacted with all energy and matter. Then soon all of a sudden there was a massive explosion and the matter and energy spreading in all directions endlesing  expanding. There was extreme heat caused by the explosion. Soon it cooled causing the formation of stars and the galaxy forming the universe.

There are many hypotheses to how the Solar system formed. I chose the evolution of the planets from protoplanets hypothisis to explain. Planetesimal became protoplanets once their masses became big enough to posses an effective gravitational field. At this point the protoplanets population quickly assembled into our solar system.

These are hypotheses on how the univers and the solar systeem formed.  No one knows for sure that that’s how they formed.  But as technology and knowledge expands, we will find the answer.

What I learned about this week (air and altitude)

            I have learned a lot about air and altitude.  The tempature decreases as you go higher into the atmosphere.  The amount of UV rays you’re exsposed to is increased and you are going higher too.  The higher you go and the less oxygen there is because the oxygen particles are more spread out, t because the total amount of oxygen supply is decreasing.  your heart starts pumping faster and starts producing more read blood cells.

Favorites (blog challenge #9)

My favorite movies are cowboys vs. aliens and transformers 3.  I love action packed movies with fighting robots and lots of shooting and exsplosions.  It keeps me on the edge of my seat each time i go to the movies.  My favorite sport is football.  I love football because its a really manly and fun sport.  I also enjoy lacrosse too.

 My favorite food is a bigmac with medium fries and my favorite desert is either pie or an oreo ice cream cake from dairy queen.  I still remember the taste of when I first got it, YUM!! :).  My favorite band is the black eye peas.  My favorite show of all time is spongebob.  (Plankton is the funniest.) 🙂

My family

MOM (carole escarment) DAD (watson escarment)

          My mom is very generous and friendly to every person she meets.  She loves to see sites and go places and has no fear 0f riding roller coasters.  She teaches for a living and works hard on any task.  She loves to laugh and has a good sense of humor and she sings better than anyone I know.  She makes the best spaghetti and meatballs I’ve ever tasted, but the best thing I love about her is that she took her time, patience, and love to raise my siblings and I to where we are today. My dad is the as you know the man of the house, but he’s much to me.  Ever since I could put on my cloths by my self, I’ve always looked up to him and he’s set a great example for me.  He loves to make jokes and loves my brother and my sister very much.  He loves to bake and always makes waffles eggs sausage and bacon and takes my brother and I places.  I love my dad because of all the work by waking up and going to work almost every day and paying  the bills so that we can eat, sleep, turn on the lights, go to school, and have gas in our car every day.

BROTHER (christian escarment) SISTER (cara escarment)

           My brother is a lot of things I really can’t explain.  He was born on christmas day and loves to make lots of noise.  He is very creative and smart.  He looks up to me as an example and loves to do whatever I do.  He loves the show Spongebob Squarepants and loves to play outside.  The best thing about my brother is that he is always there whan I need him and is really is a big help.  My sister has one big personality.  She loves the color pink and loves fashion.  Her and my dad are very close.  She loves to laugh and have fun.  She always cheers everybody up and looks at the bright side even through the toughest times 🙂


          I have four grandparents, two on both sides.  On my mothers side she has her parents.  They always watch out for me and always take me places (especialy my grandfather.)  We always have laughs to share and things to discuse.  I feel like I can tell them anything.  My grandfather loves to build stuff and can fix anything. My grandmother works too and loves to cook and watch soap operas.  On my fathers side he has his parents.  They are truthfull and honest and always think positivly.  They are very wise and knowledgeable (thats how I got my smartness).  My grand mother is a baker and makes cake for a living and my grandfather has a job too. 


          I have a lot of aunts and uncles both on my moms and dads side.  On my mothers side I have only three aunts and one uncle. (those are my mothers sisters). My mom is the second oldest out of all of them.  They all love each other very much and love to give each other nice things and help each other out during tough times.  One thing they all have in common, is that they love to watch soap operas.  On my dads side I have two uncles and one aunt. My dad is the oldest out of all of then just like me. My uncles love to play games and draw (thats where I get my artistic talent from).  My dad and them all do software and computers execpt my aunt. They all love each other very much and I can’t wait to see them during thanksgiving and christmas break! 🙂


          I really can’t list all my cousins on this post but I tell about a few.  All of them live in Florida and are still there till this day.  On my mothers side I have twoa and two more are coming soon next year.  I have a three year old and a little one year old and many more. On my dads side I have three cousins.  I have a five year old, a two one year olds and a lot more.

This is not all my family, but a portion of it.  I hope you enjoyed it and thankyou for visiting my blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂                                                                                                                                                   

blog challenge 7

  I recommend the art pad on the art section.  You get to paint or draw whatever you desire.

The music and audio the become a composer is really fun.  These drum people make drum noises.

On the science category, the build towers is cool.  You build towers with these little organisms and they connect to make towers to get to the top.

My digtal footprint

              I forgot to do this blog challenge about my digital footprint. 🙁    

My digital footprint is very small.  All that I signed up for is yahoo and this blog.  I really didn’t put any personal imformation on my yahoo account and this blog ask for very little personal imformation. 

   So really, I don’t have a big digital footprint. 🙂


       Unemployment is very bad in many ways. Thousands of americans are suffering from unemployment or are being let go of there jobs.  Unemployment has many side effects:  People could their houses, possestions, and many other stuff.  Unemployed people are all through the world and have no money for food and groceries, a house or car and most of all, not enough money to support their families.

       Ways to help is give charites and to also help out people in need for a job.

The interior structure of the Earth

            Many have ask how do we know the the Earths interior structure is like when we can’t see it?We know about it maybe because of theory,technology etc.  P and S waves are types of waves that move through the earth. You measure these waves using a  Siesmagragh. It predicts weather an earthquake is close by or coming.

            The P waves can pass through solids and liquids but S waves can pass through only solids.


And thats how you know the Earths interior structure.